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May 9, 2019

I Know I’m In Toronto Because Everyone’s Being Nice To Everyone Else, Including Me

Initial notes:

* I always forget if you go to the main airport in Toronto, they park your plane in Milwaukee and you walk the rest of the way there.

* I still like working in hotel lobbies and I hope they never take that from me.

* if you ever feel like you have too many friends in the comics industry, injure your back and spend the afternoon facing away from your peers and taking a pass on moving any more than three feet away for your next meal. Hi, Johanna. Hi, Sean. Hi, Erica. Hi, Brigid. Hi, Heidi.

* that Clyde Fans slipcover is something to see. Congratulations, Seth.

* a thing to keep in mind at TCAF is that while the show has a typical comics-culture orientation Chris and Peter are first and foremost (or at least equally) very effective booksellers. When someone does a panel there, it's frequently as much to get that person -- and their books -- in front of buyers as its their contribution to the conversation of comics in North American (and the World). This gives them a focus for programming as strong as any other show around. Plus everyone is here.

* ran into Fabio Moon in the lobby -- he's on the library's third floor this weekend with Gabriel Ba, Gillen and McKelvie, and Chip Zdarsky. The idea of anchoring folks on different floors isn't is new -- Raina Telgemeier's legend was built in part on this show's second floor, not its first -- but they used the strategy more comprehensively now, I think.

* finally: I don't know if she tells it to people not sitting in a lobby between herself and the coffee, but Brigid Alverson has a really interesting Stephen Hawking story.
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