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September 30, 2013

I Would Assume That Many Comics People Are Taking Steps To Find Out About Health Insurance Today


When I was sick in 2011, I was lucky to have health insurance. A lot of people in comics don't have any health insurance at all. In some cases this is due to bottom-line difficulties in obtaining health insurance and might even be temporary: I've gone periods of time since 2011 without decent insurance, for sure. What's worrisome to me is that I suspect a lot of people in comics don't engage with the need for health insurance or the realities of not having it not for a few months here and there but for years and years at a time.

It seems to me that some of my peers willfully deny that it's a problem that needs addressing. Others have told me they ignore or decline to seek information that they could get about options such as local programs to help pay bills -- $5 prescription pills, indigent funds -- that while in no way a panacea would at least keep some folks from getting worked up into a such state of fear when they fall sick that it keeps them from seeking healthcare when time is important because they're scared of financial ruin. Some, let's face it, make career and personal decisions over many years -- for the sake of comics -- of the kind that actively devalue having health insurance as a life priority when it may not be smart for them to do so.

I do not yet have the information or the study time in to make any sort of summary judgment about the options available to people through programs that begin to flicker to life today, but my hope is that the rest of 2013 sees a lot more of comics folk begin to engage over the long-term with this need. I could do a much better job of it myself.

In the meantime, or if this doesn't apply to you at all: you can read some cartoons about it.
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