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August 6, 2009

If You Respond To Their E-Mails, You Can Help Marvel Market Their Books

So Marvel's been sending sites various pages from their forthcoming Strange Tales project for posting in a way that I assume helps them market the series. I like looking at comics pages -- I have a standing offer to most publishers out there that if they'll send me pages I'll run them, but almost no one takes me up on it -- so I'm happy to provide these pages sent to me from Marvel. You can click here to see the pages at the sizes they were sent to me, which are all over the place but should be easier to see and have greater clarity image to image.

I asked for Nick Gurewitch, but was told none were available. What follows is Johnny Ryan, Junko Mizuno, Nick Bertozzi and Dash Shaw doing their versions of Marvel characters. I haven't been paying enough attention to know if these have already appeared elsewhere, but I think I was told one of these would be for me and only me. And again, bigger versions here. Strange Tales begins publication next month through Marvel's MAX imprint, and I will certainly be buying it. It looks like fun.

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