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September 22, 2014

(Some Of) Your 2014 Stumptown Comics Awards Winners


So I'm told that the Stumptown Comics Awards were held in conjunction with the Rose City Comic Con over this last weekend. It sounds like they were awarded during the opening ceremony/kick-off event. The awards being done through Rose City was part of the agreement that the foundation that used to put on the Stumptown Comics Festival reached when they decided to become a part of that show and stop running their own. The last I'd heard about that particular awards program was that it was extending its voting period this year. I never saw a nominees list, from which I usually build the winners list -- I think it helps to see each win in that context. So apologies there.

I still can't find the nominations or a winners list at any of the official sites -- .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) -- but here's what I've been able to piece together from people on the ground tweeting or posting pictures the night of.

Best Publication For Younger Readers

Best Cartoonist
Zander Cannon, Heck

Best Small Press
Cartozia Tales

Best New Comic
The Auteur

Best Digital Comic
High Crimes

Best Colorist
Bill Crabtree, I think maybe for The Sixth Gun

Best Artist
James Callahan, The Auteur

Best Publication Design
The Fifth Beatle

Reader's Choice
Matt Kindt, Mind MGMT

Congratulations to all winners and nominees, whoever you might be. I'll re-do this if an official list is made public, or if I'm directed towards one that I'm just not seeing right now.
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