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June 19, 2009

In Your Face, KE7: Limited Edition Of Crumb’s Genesis Set For Sale At $500


Judith Hansen of Hansen Literary Agency just wrote in to mention that WW Norton is now taking orders for its limited edition of legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb's The Book Of Genesis Illustrated By Robert Crumb. It's in the usual places, like

This is a slipcased edition with a signed print matching the book number -- only 250 will be printed. If my life had gone in the direction where I was only buying a few copies of comics that were potentially great, or important, or meant a lot to me rather than making an attempt to buy and read all the comics, I'd likely be fighting you for a place in line. I'm not certain I won't be, anyway.

This is the best part of the listing, where it's discounted to $315: "Customers buy this book with The Wolverton Bible by Basil Wolverton; Price For Both: $331.49."
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