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August 20, 2015

Incoming Duke Students Object To And Decline Reading Fun Home

Here. I'm all for people making moral choices, but the idea that engaging with art that has depictions or ideas with which you might not agree is some sort of endorsement that necessitates a moral stand is such a sad sign of full indoctrination into consumerist ideology I don't even know what to say. These kids aren't standing by their convictions vis-a-vis the material; they're standing down.

I hope that the students that are declining to do that which a college education best provides -- exposure in a variety of ways to material, people and ideas that don't align with your specific worldview -- find a way to do so at some point; it's the most valuable experience I had as a young thinker and the most crucial I had as a young believer. I don't understand a school that lets students avoid the core of what a school does, and I say that without malice towards those that make this kind of blinkered choice. You can go not be challenged or engaged in all sorts of wonderful communities; just maybe not an academic one.
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