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August 21, 2012

AAEC To Feature Ali Ferzat At September Convention In DC

Prominent Association of American Editorial Cartoonists member Matt Bors wrote last night to say that Syrian cartoonist and gallery owner Ali Ferzat will be appearing at that group's convention in September and delivering their keynote address. Ferzat has been major news for over a year now, after he was picked up and assaulted by pro-government thugs for making cartoons critical of the regime's treatment of dissenters. To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first time Ferzat has spoken in the US, and I think the first time he's talked to a group of his peers about his experiences. Ferzat has made the news since last August for winning free speech and political honors in the wake of what happened to him, for his statements on the continuing crisis in that country including his declaration he desires to return when things change in a way that allows him to do so, and as a symbol for the Syrian government's brutal crackdown on dissenting artists of all types. The convention is September 13-15.
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