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April 29, 2010

Adam Grano Makes Team Smurf Bid


In a brave and, let's face it, potentially humiliating post to the Fantagraphics blog, heavy-hitting alt-comics designer Adam Grano has written an open letter to NBM's Terry Nantier begging to put on the white hat and stretchy-pants that surely come with designing the forthcoming Smurf books from Papercutz. "I just kinda love the Smurfs," Grano writes. Terry, are you listening? He's awfully good.

I do think it's yet another a sign those books could do very well: you're hitting a sweet spot with the Smurfs of younger adults with kids that liked the property, and Euro-comics nerds that wouldn't mind checking them out. And kids like them; they're solid comics. I've had three adults of my acquaintance e-mail me to ask after the books, and that never happens.
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