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February 2, 2013

Bart Beaty In Angouleme 2013 04: An Eight-Cosplayer Year


By Bart Beaty

imageAnd on the third day it was cold and windy. But at least no snow, and only a very little bit of rain (so far).

The crowds are definitely out. I haven't tried to go into the main tent, but the queue is as long as I've ever seen it. No one is sure if that is a reflection of huge crowds or just the fact that the FIBD is, for the first time in my memory, checking bags at the entrance to the tents (we're all suspected Malian terrorists, I guess) which is slowing down the process. I would guess that the wait this morning to enter was about half an hour, which is long for this place.

I have now seen all of the exhibitions, inlcuding Comes and Andreas (both well-staged, Andreas particularly so), though neither is of great interest to me personally (historically significant artists whose work is not to my taste). The Disney exhibition, while aimed at young children, is probably the best staged thing here this year -- it wouldn't look out of place at one of their theme parks. Really well done. The Korean show was one that I found very informative since I know so little about the topic. Always nice to learn something new at a show like this. For me, none of the shows were great, though a few were quite good.

There are about eight cosplayers here, which is seven more than I had ever seen at this festival. The manga/superhero tent was almost completely empty this morning, which says something. If there is a book of the festival, I'm not sure what it is. Your favorite cartoonist likely has a long line in front of him. I think that the wait for a Luke Pearson autograph yesterday was probably more than an hour, which is so fantastic that it makes the show right there.

I'm headed back to the tent for one final pass through. I have a hellacious travel day tomorrow, departing Angouleme at 6:00am and arriving (if all goes well) 19 hours later in Calgary, so this will be my last report from FIBD. I'm sure Tom will have word on the prizes and presidency, which will be announced while I'm in the air over the Atlantic, tomorrow. I'll try to put some cogent thoughts together for a fuller report this week.


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