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June 10, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


* top ten North American comic shop The Beguiling has available for sale an English-language version of the very funny (see above) Nouveaux moments cles de l'histoire de la Bande Dessinee by Francois Ayroles that they released at TCAF this year. You should want one; it's a good book.

* the writer Brigid Alverson has word of the latest volumes of two ADV orphans, Aria and Tactics.

* I almost missed this: Calvin Reid profiles the Archaia Studios comeback.

* this interview with Dave McKean discusses a series of paintings as travel books he's done that maybe haven't been seen over here -- well, I haven't seen them -- and various asides made here and there that he's working on a long graphic novel project called Caligaro.

image* I didn't attend the MoCCA Festival last weekend, but Fanfare/Ponent Mon did for the first time, with resulting insight as to their forthcoming publishing plans. That includes A Distant Neighborhood Vol. 1 by the great Jiro Taniguchi and The Summit of the Gods Vol. 1 by Baku and Taniguchi, both of which should have been sent to press this week, and word that they are delaying The Times of Botchan Vol. 4.

* a lot of folks have picked up on that Summit press release. Here's another one.

* the final issue of the comic series Planetary will ship in October, its artist says.

* the Mice Templar series will return this summer with a new art team.

*at last May's BEA in New York, a panel of librarians chose a list of "Hot Fall Graphic Novels." While I never quite know what "hot" means and the librarian's taste is rarely my own -- the sublime Alec omnibus doesn't seem like it sits comfortably next to a GI Joe book, even if I imagine the greatest GI Joe comic ever made -- the list can give you an idea of a certain kind of book that's coming out for the season. The selections are:
Kids Titles
* Binky the Space Cat, Ashley Spires, 9781554533091, Kids Can Press, Ages 7-10
* Sticky and Burr #2: The Prickly Peril, John Lechner, 9780763645809, Candlewick Press
* Little Mouse Gets Ready, Jeff Smith, 9781935179016, Raw Junior LLC
* Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics, edited by Art Spiegelman and Francois Mouly, 9780810957305, Abrams ComicArts
* The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook, Eleanor Davis, 9781599903965, Bloomsbury
* Fairy Idol Kanon, Mera Hakamada, Udon Entertainment

* Cat Burglar Black, Richard Sala, 9781596431447, First Second
* Crogan's March, Chris Schweizer, 9781934964248, Oni Press
* Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood, Tony Lee and Sam Hart, 9780763643997, Candlewick Press
* SMILE, Raina Telgemeier, 9780545-13205-3, Scholastic
* The Storm in the Barn, Matt Phelan, 9780-7636-3618-0, Candlewick Press
* Tegumi Bachi: Letter Bee, Hiroyuki Asada, VIZ Media

* Black Jack Vol. 7, Osamu Tezuka, 9781-934287-60-6, Vertical
* Charles Darwin's on The Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation, Michael Keller, 9781605296975, Rodale Books
* Moyasimon, Masayuki Ishikawa, 9780-345-51472-1, Del Rey
* Star Trek: Mission's End, Ty Templeton and Stephen Molnar, 9781600105401, IDW
* The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Way and Ba, 9781-59582-345-8, Dark Horse
* The Vietnam War: A Graphic History, Dwight Zimmerman, 9780-8090-9495-0, Hill and Wang
* Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You, Karuho Shiina, VIZ Media

Adult Titles
* Ball Peen Hammer, Adam Rapp and George O'Connor, 9781596433007, First Second
* Ooku: The Inner Chamber, Yoshinaga, 9781421527475, VIZ Media
* Bob Dylan Revisited, various, 9780-393-07617-2, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
* Alec: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Sized Omnibus), Eddie Campbell, Top Shelf Productions
* G.I. Joe: Origins, Larry Hama, IDW Publishing, Age 18 and up
* Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1, Steve Ditko, Edited by Blake Bell, Fantagraphics, 9781606992890
* Stitches: A Memoir, David Small, 9780-393-06857-3, W.W. Norton & Co
* West Coast Blues, Jacques Tardi and Jean-Patrick Manchee, 9781-60699-295-1, Fantagraphics
* I'm not certain which iteration of Sleeper Sean Phillips has in this box here, but if a new edition is coming out and you don't have one and you like superheroes in a way that allows you to enjoy somber treatments of same, you should want one.

* a collection of The Rack, a webcomic by Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie, is out now.

* in the middle of his piece on the MoCCA Festival, Tucker Stone lets drop that the line-up for this year's Halloween-themed Treehouse Of Horror Simpsons comic (#15) will include John Kerschbaum, Kevin Huizenga, Jordan Crane, Jeffrey Brown, C.F. and Dan Zettwoch. Yowza.

* finally, the comics business news and analysis site has a short preview of Titan Books' Fall 2009, including the next Simon and Kirby effort.

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