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March 8, 2010

Cartoonist Wins Best Actor Award


I watched Simpsons re-runs last night, including that bizarre recent comic book movie episode, so it wasn't until about five minutes ago I saw that, as expected, Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor Academy Award for his work in that movie that from the outside-in looks amazingly like that Robert Duvall film from 25 years ago. It's worth noting here -- mostly because I'd forgotten until something tickled my brain just now -- that among his many skills Bridges is a doodler and amateur cartoonist. I believe that big chunks of his now charmingly old-school web site are structured around cartoon art he's created. There's a big run of them here, for instance. The above is from his next film, an adaptation of the great cowboy novel and more famous source for a pretty good John Wayne scenery-chewer True Grit. Here's the profile from Drawn! to assure me I'm not nuts in remembering this.
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