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January 14, 2009

David Horsey Weighs In On P-I Troubles


I supposed I'd be within my rights to reprint the entirety of David Horsey's cartoon on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer being put up for sale in lack-of-miracle anticipation of it being shut down, but it seems like the wrong time to thwart that site its traffic. So please click through the image. It's a handsome, solid cartoon.

This blog posting by the award-winning cartoonist goes into his shock at the news, if I reading it correctly driven by the construction of logic where he thought it likely the paper's owner might buy the town's other paper rather than shut down the one it already had there. That's another thing that seems slightly scary about this closure: the paper's owners could have seemingly weathered the storm for quite some time due to profits elsewhere if they had wanted to, and the P-I was limping along like it always had, so it likely was a forecasting/future thing.

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