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November 4, 2010

Dear Mike Luckovich: “You Aren’t A Great Drawer And Your Cartoons Are Pretty Much All The Same”

Multiple prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich had a short Q&A session on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday, something called "Lunch With Lukovich," which I imagine is a regular feature. It's slightly fascinating to me on multiple levels: some folks are mean/rude to the cartoonist, some are glib, and others seem genuinely interested in what it is he does and speak from a platform of knowledge concerning his work. Luckovich riffs on them all. He challenges damaging assertions, pokes fun at himself, talks in forthright fashion about how cartoonists are received when they take trips to see the troops, and talks about the specific of one of his cartoon's designs. Its overall tone seems not all that different than something you might see from the kind of politician about whom Luckovich would draw a cartoon.
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