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June 5, 2011

Five Comics I Hope DC Comics Considers Relaunching

This September DC Comics is rolling out 52 new #1s from its massive library of characters for same-day print and digital release. Although their plans are likely set in stone, they could still make a young boy's dreams come true by announcing any or all of the following:

I prefer DC relaunch this one over, say, the Jimmy Wakely comic they once did because I would never, ever get tired of adding "(Alan Ladd Actual Size)" to every mention of the book I ever made. Because that dude was short, and I find this funny.

This one would be great if they treated today's Broadway stars -- your Billy Crudups, your Audra MacDonalds, your Betty Buckleys, your Will Pattons -- with earnest fascination. Because someone should. Also, they could do like a three-year event storyline centered around the Spider-Man musical.

Michael Kupperman to write.

I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but I know I like it. How is this not a top ten comic right now?

On second thought, this might trend too young for DC's traditional readership.

I'd prefer a spin-off starring Carvelli and Murray, actually, two 35-year-old high schoolers picking fights with similarly aged gangs of youths from sea to shining sea, but anything with the show that taught middle America the Dozens is aces with me. Come to think of it, how has Welcome Back, Kotter not been re-made in movie or television form? How has this not been specifically re-made with Ice Cube playing the title role? Kurtwood Smith is just sitting there waiting to play Woodman, too.
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