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August 26, 2008

Go, Read: 20 French Cartoonists Who Dragged Eurocomics into Adulthood


Here is the list of 20 cartoonists that helped bring about adult comics expression in Europe that Kim Thompson -- one of the great and largely unsung champions of European comics in North America -- presented to a crowd of interested listeners during Seattle's recent week of celebrating French comics.

(1) Rene Goscinny
(2) Reiser
(3) Jean-Claude Forest
(4) Jean Giraud/Moebius
(5) Gotlib
(6) Fred
(7) Jean-Claude Mezieres
(8) Claire Bretecher
(9) Druillet
(10) Tardi
(11) Boucq
(12) Loustal
(13) Yves Chaland
(14) Yann
(15) Dupuy and Berberian
(17) Lewis Trondheim
(18) David B.
(19) Blanquet
(20) Marjane Satrapi

You need to go to the original post to get Thompson's notes about what's available in English translations -- not as much as you'd think, even if you're being a pessimist. It seems like there should be a giant Bretecher book out there, doesn't it?
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