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January 24, 2011

James Kochalka Named Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate

imageThe Cartoonist Laureate honorific discussed by James Sturm in his CR holiday interview has made its first selection: cartoonist James Kochalka. The appointment will take place on March 10.

Kochalka was born and raised in the state, graduated from the state's university, and currently lives in Burlington. He was a celebrated mini-comics maker and became a noted alternative comics talent in the late 1990s. He is best known today for his pioneering webcomic memoir American Elf, now several years into publication and featuring the cartoonist's daily updates on life and family.

According to the press release, Sturm's Center For Cartoon Studies school conducted the selection process, and will hold one of the many celebrations planned across the state on the 10th. Kochalka will hold the position for three years, serving as an ambassador for the art form and for his home state.
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