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January 21, 2010

Julie Larson Turns To Self-Syndication

imageAt first glance, this article in the Peoria Journal-Star is a better-than-average survey piece on the state of the comics art forms mid-recession. But Julie Larson of The Dinette Set is essentially local to that paper (45 minutes away), and I believe that her decision to change her relationship with Creators and self-sell her work (Creators will continue to host her archives) is worth noting. Larson's right at that client level where depending on the make-up of her sell-sheet she's likely not making enough money from syndication for anyone other than maybe an immediate post-graduate to live on; she would feel every cancellation or client move as a major blow, such as the conversion of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer into an on-line only publication. I like the fact the fact that she's digging in, I like the fact that the article is honest about the inability of many webcomics creators to make more than a pittance from what they do, and I always appreciate eloquent word-bombs like Larson's "The Internet is the monster that ate reason, a thief in the night that turned loyalty to a 150-year profession into a homeless shadow of itself" whether or not I full agree with them.
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