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September 24, 2010

Quick! To The Beerbohm Signal!

imageFrom Mark Mayerson comes the kind of blog post I have no ability to endorse or disprove, but point out here for all of those in comics-land that are much more interested than I am in potential first comics and proto-comics: a story from 1493 told in sequential form with speech balloons. The gentleman that posted it even provides solicitation copy:
The duchy of Gelria (Gelre), in what is now part of the Dutch province of Gelderland, saw the return of the young Duke Charles (Karel) from captivity in the Burgundian France in 1492. Count Van Meurs remained in captivity in Charles' place in France, so Charles could settle his French ransom. It is Van Meurs who in this document of 1493 complains that Charles has not kept his promises...
Like I said, I can't vouch for something like this, let alone suggest that crews of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria swapped longboxes at various points on their long journey, but my hunch is to agree with the statement that this indicates that there was a certain kind of picture storytelling popular in the area and time from which it comes.
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