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February 11, 2010

R. Crumb’s Genesis Sells 120,000 Copies

imageCalvin Reid has one of those nice, brief, authoritative sales profiles up at PW for WW Norton's The Book Of Genesis Illustrated. According to Reid's piece, the book has sold 120,000 copies, has enjoyed brisk sales in foreign markets, has added foreign markets since initial sales, and has led to the sale of a refurbished The Sweeter Side of Crumb to Norton for future publication. That book of drawings -- the focus of which is pretty clear given the title and Crumb's reputation for the sexual and occasional grotesque -- was published in its initial form in 2006.

Two comments: First, after all the hype for Genesis, I actually think that book was underplayed a bit in comics circles, perhaps because a lot of typical opinion-makers were slow in catching up to it. I think I've encountered more "I finally got around to this book and it blew me away" confessionals on this book than on anything I can remember for a long, long time. Second, I think it's worth pointing out that the performance of this book marked a good year for major releases from the art comics-interested New York prose publishers after a what I believe were perceived as a couple of down seasons.
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