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June 15, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a blast of publishing news to start the week: Steve Holland has set up his own publishing business, Bear Alley Books. They'll apparently publish the kind of classic UK strips Holland writes about so well. IDW has given Craig Yoe his own imprint, and he's announced a Steve Ditko art book.

image* over at the Daily Cartoonist Alan Gardner catches subscription figures and then puts them up for his community members to discuss. It's a fascinating list from which any number of conclusions can be drawn, but I think it works best if we just look at it for the time being, and note what it says without any analysis or declarations of eternal truths for comics on-line. Speaking of which, the only unaffiliated webcomic on the list is We The Robots, which sounds about right.

* the writer Jeet Heer reprints Stan Bevington's appreciation of Chris Oliveros. I have enough admiration for Oliveros' career and accomplishments piled up that it could topple over and flatten a city, but one reason tributes make me uncomfortable is you get things like the claim in this one that Oliveros has an unrivaled eye for quality. Really? No rivals? No one comes close enough for an argument even? Although I'm sure I do this in my own writing, too.

* many of the Marjane Satrapi profiles out there read the same to the point I can't tell if they're new or old, but I enjoyed this article's description of the award-winning cartoonist.

* please consider voting for the Eisners today, if you're eligible.

* this small list of comics plot points describes how strange American mainstream comics had become by the late 1980s. They were kind of exhausted, if that makes any sense. It might have been interesting to see how all those really dense and I'd suggest largely unappealing storylines might have continued if Image Comics hadn't come along.

* finally, when does someone's vacation merit a note in a news-interested blog? When it's The Beguiling's Chris Butcher, and he's going to Japan. Butcher's last trip to Japan showcased column inch after column inch and photo after photo of Japanese comics retail interfaces (bookstores, museum shops, etc.) in such glorious detail I thought the part of my brain that secretes nerdrenaline to the rest of my body was going to exhaust itself and die.
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