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September 1, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the cartoonist Jeff Smith won a distinguished alumnus award from his high school.

* the cartoonist Lynn Johnston begins the new-run era of For Better or For Worse today. I'll run as many links to FBOFW stories as I can in the Quick Hits section, but I think it's worth pulling out this Editor and Publisher story that takes on the issue of whether or not readers will go for the revamped FBOFW.

image* there's a reasonably good discussion at the Comics Journal message board about the best living American cartoonist, mostly because it delves into the issue of how much power to afford the increased literary sophistication of cartoonists like Chris Ware, Dan Clowes and Joe Sacco in making such estimations. I think Crumb is the greatest living cartoonist, which I know is a slightly different question but one that I feel is less problematic because I have more ways to measure great than I do best. Crumb is discussed in this article about a Philadelphia exhibit. It would be nice if estimations of his career contain that criticism of the '60s part of it.

* one of the great political cartoonists of the 20th Century, Naji Al-Ali, has an exhibit up in Sana'a, Yemen.

* the cartoonist Ellen Forney has talents of which I was completely unaware.

* you know, "Terror Titans" is a stupid name for a superhero group, but it makes sense as most teens with bands give them really stupid names, too.

* comic shop retail employee Dustin Harbin talks about where he sends new readers after they read Watchmen.

* finally, you can read a concise PAX report here. PAX is the gaming convention organized and run by the Penny Arcade webcomic guys, and is also the beneficiary of a decision made by the giant industry gaming convention to go back to being an industry gaming convention, something that could conceivably happen down the line to the successful comics conventions. Not likely, but conceivably.
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