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November 27, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's an interview with Lorenzo Mattotti and photos from a recent signing with Lou Reed.

image* London Free Press profiles the great Marc Bell.

* apparently, a Cagle round-up on Sarah Palin's book is worth its own news article. Save for the people in the professional reflection-of-society business, I don't understand anyone's interest, pro or con, in this person.

* two interesting writers-about-comics, Christopher Allen and Sean T. Collins, talk about comics criticism.

* speaking of Collins, I felt badly for him that most of the posters here missed his point regarding the AV Club's best of decade list and rankings. His primary argument as I understood it wasn't that rankings always work and are always awesome and time well spent, but that he felt the AV Club's failure to order their list was another choice among many that contributed to their list lacking specificity and weight.

* Dash Shaw recommends X-Day as a shoujo gateway book.

* I enjoyed the cartoonist Colleen Doran's reality check on Nina Paley, here.

* finally, cartoonist Gareth Greenway is pledging half of his income through January to the fight against MS.
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