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November 21, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Jeet Heer writes about the David Michaelis biography of Charles Schulz twice (Part One, Part Two). Part One brought about commentary by Jeannie Schulz.

* James Vance on Terry Moore.

image* it's sort of interesting to me that there aren't a lot of Thanksgiving comics covers like the great Little Lulu one at left, but it sort of makes sense. Certainly no international comics cover is going to feature an American-only holiday, and any bi-monthly comic is probably going to favor Halloween and then Christmas. The great holiday endorser of all comics-dom, Dennis the Menace, took a general pass on November's sit-and-eat day, a huge blow. Animals consuming animals is creepy enough that one can imagine it being avoided even by the most indolent art director, and the iconography doesn't really hook into an adventure narrative the way something like this masterpiece does.

* a fascinating look at Russian comix collection can be found here.

* I missed out on Von Allan landing the road to god knows... at Girlamatic and Newsweek profiling Shooting War. I also blew right past Steve Duin writing on Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories.

* Evan Dorkin draws a mean Scorpion.

* A review of Welcome to Tranquility #12 invites commentary from writer Gail Simone and things quickly degenerate to the kind of rhetorical free-for-all I recall from the Thanksgiving dinners of my youth, only with "quasi-Morrison emulation" and "John Byrne handbook" taking the place of "drinking too much" and "gambling problem."

* go, watch: Lark Pien's Small Destructions Installation at CAM

* a Zapiro cartoon in support of a newspaper columnist fired for expressing support for people's right to believe in Satan has apparently riled Muslims.
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