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March 9, 2013

Several Notes From Emerald City Comic-Con Weekend


By Tom Spurgeon
Additional Reporting And Coverage By Jen Vaughn

What follows are several observations from a weekend spent at the Emerald City Comicon in beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington. This is going up on a Sunday because my site has been a disaster on the server end recently and I haven't been able to get on here to finish it up before now. So please forgive me.

* so in a few short years Emerald City has gone from promising newcomer to basically the start of the North American convention season. That doesn't mean there are no shows held before this one, or that they aren't great, or that there aren't shows elsewhere which attract the attention of North American comics-makers. What it does mean is that this is the first show which enough people in comics attend and/or to which they pay attention to kind of mark the collective mental adjustment into con season. No sleep until Brooklyn.

* my apologies for how uneven the following might become. It's been difficult to post recently.

* because of various quirks inherent to travel in 2013, it was cheaper of me to take a train into Los Angeles for about 36 hours and then fly north to Seattle. I think this is actually becoming more of a thing, as I have friends that will assemble trips according to lowest cost in a way that takes them three or four hours away from their intended destination. This is particularly true of people on the West Coast going east, I think. They might fly to Louisville to drive to Indianapolis. It's worth noting how much changes in the way we travel have an impact on cons and shows and thus comics. I still know people that set what days they attend San Diego, or what East Coast shows they'll do at all, based on travel considerations.

* I did a couple of comics-related things in L.A. despite my best efforts not to. I honestly
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