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June 16, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Cartooned


There's a fine line between pointing out the aspects of a world event related to cartooning and seeing the world through comics eyes, and if you have a choice between reading comics news today and reading about whatever the heck is going on over there I hope you'll choose the latter, but there are a few aspects worth pointing out.

* something called the CNW group reports that the newspaper Velayat, that serves the Qazvin province north of Tehran, has been suspended by government authorities for publishing a cartoon featuring the embattled Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

* hugely influential political blogger Andrew Sullivan has been pointing people towards Iranian cartoonists like Nikahang Kosar/Kowsar (cartoon below) and Mana Neistani/Neyestani (above), although I think he may mis-identify the latter as female. You may remember Neyestani as the cockroach cartoonist from a few years back.

* Sullivan also posted an example of decorative street art used to communicate a political point.

* according to the Telegraph, cartoons had played a role in the presidential election being questioned through a series of monkey-related cartoons aimed at the incumbent.

* Daryl Cagle doesn't have an index up yet, so that's disappointing. I'm not aware of any other indexing services so that we could get an idea as to how US cartoonists are handling the story -- if they're handling the story. Here's Pat Oliphant, Jim Morin and Tom Toles, so that's pretty much the only folks I care about. I looked at about 30 to get those three, and for what it's worth there was only other cartoon on Iran.

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