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August 26, 2009

The Ted Kennedy Cartoon Dilemma

With the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, you can expect to see the same dilemma played out that was on display after Michael Jackson died. Only this time it's Chappaquiddick and the death of Mary Jo Kopechne versus Kennedy's distinguished Senatorial career as opposed to Thriller versus the possibility Jackson was a serial diddler of children. You can probably catch it best here at Darryl Cagle's page -- some individual cartoons will start to show up immediately, usually portraiture, and eventually Cagle will put them all under their own heading. I suspect the fact it's hard to draw a laudatory Senatorial career will work in Kennedy's favor as many may therefore go "non-direct" for their cartoon -- the obvious one being the depiction of a touch football game in heaven now that all the Kennedy boys are reunited, or something like that.
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