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September 26, 2008

There Are Officially Way Too Many Awesome Comics Published Right Now


Not that I'm complaining, but this terrific anthology showed up on my desk yesterday and maybe I just wasn't paying attention or more likely I'd just forgotten, but having it on my lap was the first time it really registered with me. If I had known an anthology this good was coming out I wouldn't have let the package sit there unopened for a couple of days, if you know what I mean. There are some all-time comics short stories and several forgotten gems here, like Jessica Abel's "Jack London," Phoebe Gloeckner's jaw-dropping "Minnie's 3rd Love," Jaime Hernandez's vastly underrated "Jerusalem Crickets" with those great single panels of the band playing, Robert Crumb's Charley Patton biography, Carol Tyler's beautiful "Country Music," Chester Brown's "My Mom Was A Schizophrenic," Kevin Huizenga's "The Curse," that David Mazzucchelli one with the lady with the trilobite outlined in her belly, and Jim Woodring's "Particular Mind." And that's like a quarter of the book. It's ridiculous.

I know this post must read like something Larry King would write, but I always remember how in 1999 I had a hard time finding five comics to put on a Best of the Year list.
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