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January 26, 2011

Zunar Joins Cartoon Movement; Remains A Human Rights Concern

The comics- and cartooning-journalism site Cartoon Movement has added the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar to its line-up of featured artists. This is particularly great for those of us selfish enough to want to see more of Zunar's broader perspectives on international affairs as opposed to some of the caricature-based material he's done within his own country. Zunar is perhaps best known for the various hassles he's experienced from the Malaysian government in trying to fulfill what he feels is the cartoonist's role, peaking for now last Fall in an arrest on sedition charges the evening of a book signing and launch. Human Rights Watch cited the government's arrest of the cartoonist and the seizure of his books in their mostly negative report on the status of rights within Malaysia. That story was picked up on and discussed further by regional media.
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