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May 24, 2011

Zunar Wins 2011 CRNI Courage In Editorial Cartooning Award

The Malaysian cartoonist Zunar, who for the last few years has fought a rolling battle with governmental authorities over the censorship of his cartoons and publications, has won the 2011 Cartoonists Rights Network International Award For Courage In Editorial Cartooning. In a letter released by the cartoonist, CRNI Executive Director Robert Russell says the designation was made by the group's board of directors, and that there will be a ceremony on July 7.

It's worth noting that this date is exactly one week before an important court decision in Kuala Lumpur regarding a ban on two of the cartoonist's books.

Zunar plans to be in St. Petersburg, Florida for the event, and I believe is taking the group up on their opportunity to speak regarding his story, including the various travails he's experienced in terms of getting his work out there while facing government interference and harassment. The CRNI has also offered to coordinate media efforts for Zunar on a trip to Washington, D.C. A delegation of 22 cartoonists from North Africa and South Asia as a well as significant groups of cartoonists and artists from the U.S. and Canada are expected at the fete. The CRNI site is here.
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