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October 16, 2007

Inside Garry Trudeau’s New Sandbox

imageThe Washington Post has a long-ish article on Garry Trudeau meeting some of the soldiers who contributed to the military blog he offered up through his Doonesbury strip's on-line presence, the best of which are now available in the book pictured at left. The relationship between Trudeau and the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has been one of the more fascinating cartoonist-related stories over the last few years, in that the cartoonist has remained popular with a lot of fighting men and women despite his generally critical stance against the current administration and some of their decisions regarding putting those men and women into the places they've been put. Trudeau has also confronted the war through his strip, notably in the saga of his quarterback-turned-reservist B.D., who lost a leg during a storyline in 2004 and has since gone through a number of post-injury story lines throwing a spotlight on the experience of injured veterans.
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