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November 10, 2008

It Was Thirty Years Ago Today…


... that twenty-eight of my classmates and myself, all from Mrs. Sollenberger's first grade at Mitchell Elementary School in Muncie, Indiana, posed outside after our first Jiro Kuwata Soapbox Derby fundraiser. Kori Marti and Murray Bartholome each won $10 gift certificates from Shakey's Pizza for their winning cars "Leif Garrett Express" and "Bay City Roller Rocket," respectively. That's my pal John "Knuckles" Preston holding up our check.

Seriously, though, I don't really understand why this is a story, although it's quite entertaining. In case you missed it, Chip Kidd made a decision not to include in prominent, authorial fashion the name of Batman manga cartoonist Jiro Kuwata on the cover of his newest book, Bat-Manga!. Some comics industry bloggers criticized this decision. Kidd responded, giving his reason why and taking a rhetorical wiffle-ball bat to the exposed summer-picnic thighs of his critics. Chris Butcher called bullshit on the detractors, Dirk Deppey underlined the initial criticism with a thick black line and Graeme McMillan popped in Uatu The Watcher-style.

Me, I think it's a legitimate criticism whether you agree or disagree with it, am glad that kids are thinking about ethics in any fashion, was happy to hear Kidd respond, understand his position, am delighted to hear the author of those comics is pleased by the attention, am impressed that Kidd and his crew sent him their advance, and am now sitting back still slightly slack-jawed at and majorly amused by the whole goofy mess.
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