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December 1, 2007

I’ve Wasted My Multiple Lives

According to what I could glean from this list of official DC alternate earths released to-date, here's what I am likely to be doing on multiple planes of reality throughout the Multiverse.

Earth-1: Blogger
Earth-2: Kinder, Gentler Blogger of Generations Past
Earth-3: Evil Blogger
Earth-4: Blogger at New Frontiersman
Earth-5: Blogger for WHIZ
Earth-8: Slave Blogger
Earth-9: Blog still called "The Comics Reporter," but about professional baseball
Earth-10: Blogger bought out and assumed into larger blog
Earth-11: Female Blogger
Earth-12: Old, cranky blogger training younger blogger
Earth-13: Dark, arcane blogger
Earth-15: I've assumed the mantle of NeilAlien's blog
Earth-16: Blogger, son of iconic blogger
Earth-17: Dead blogger
Earth-18: Pony Express Blogger
Earth-19: Ye Olde Timey Blogger
Earth-21: Brightly Optimistic Blogger
Earth-22: Jaded Blogger that lacks understanding of how to blog heroically, but looks awfully handsome
Earth-26: Some sort of Beaver that bites news into logs
Earth-30: Comrade Blogger
Earth-32: Dark Blogger
Earth-34: Castrato Blogger
Earth-37: Retro Blogger
Earth-40: Foreign Correspondent Blogger
Earth-43: Vampire Blogger
Earth-48: New Blogger No One Really Likes
Earth-50: Perpetually Re-Launching My Blog Blogger
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