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August 29, 2011

James Sturm: CCS’ Schulz Library Building Potentially Lost


Upon hearing dozens of e-mailed and tweeted rumors, CR asked Center For Cartoon Studies Director James Sturm for an update as to possible storm-related damage hitting CCS and particularly its Schulz Library. He responded at approximately 3:30 AM Monday morning.

"Crazy night," Sturm wrote. "Brave and tough-minded group moving books out of the library until 3 AM as White River continued to rise."

Those following the weekend's news closely know that as much as Hurricane Irene seemed to fizzle out of any serious impact on New York City as had been feared, the state of Vermont was hit with torrential rains and resulting flooding, with rivers that may not have crested as of Monday morning. CCS in located in White River Junction. The Center's Schulz Library is located nearest the river of any school building. A late-night call went out for volunteers to help salvage books before they were potentially water damaged.

Sturm indicates that despite the harrowing night, the volunteers were largely successful. "Trees, huge freight containers smacking into bridge a few feet away as we worked. Got maybe 70 percent of the stuff out of there, rest moved to higher shelves. [We'll] know more tomorrow [about the] fate of rest of collection." Sturm indicated that the building itself might be a loss. "Probably won't be able to move back into that wonderful space (the old firehouse). The Schulz Library shares the building with The Main Street Museum, a one-of-a-kind place. It would be awful if that amazing institution went under."

Sturm then moved on to positive news, that the rest of the school's infrastructure -- further removed from the river -- seems to be doing fine. "Rest of CCS is dry and safe (here's hoping it stays that way!)." He concluded by promising that library services will be made available to CCS students as soon as is possible.

Update, 8:30 AM ET: Sturm wrote in this morning to give good news. "This area is a mess, but no water got in the library. Not one book lost." There is, however, serious damage to the old Firehouse that was the library's home, and Sturm will organize a crew to get the remaining books out of that building today. "So many people offering help and support -- very humbling."
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