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March 7, 2011

Jay Babcock: Arthur Set To Close For Good On March 15

imageMarc Arsenault caught this, I'm thinking maybe because he has a better eye for building symmetrical articles than anyone else does: Jay Babcock announced that Arthur will shut its doors on March 15, archives to remain up for the time being. As Arsenault notes, Arthur was an important publication on its own merits, and in terms of its demise being reported on a site like this one ran an aggressive comics section via editors Jordan Crane, Tom Devlin, Alvin Buenaventura, Sammy Harkham and Jason Leivian, one of the periodical highlights in the 2000s for an expression of comics moving away from that model. Some of those works are being re-published on-line here. Anyone that publishes David Lasky and Megan Kelso is a little bit of a comics saint, and there was so much more in those pages of merit and value. It's easy to forget what publications do that's noteworthy and remarkable when trying to recall those feats from the perspective of their final days, and I'm glad that Arsenault stresses the positive.
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