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June 14, 2012

Jim McLauchlin: Avengers-Related Hero Initiative Donations Have Trickled To Zero; $4K-$5K Raised


A brief check-in with Jim McLauchlin at the comics charity Hero Initiative reveals that donations that organization has received related to the Avengers movie have trickled down to non-existence. While they're still totaling the cash and one assume perhaps figuring out which donation have come from where for what reason, McLauchlin felt safe to report that the total raised will fall between $4000 and $5000. It had been suggested when the movie opened featuring a concept and several characters created by Jack Kirby (as well as a significant number of creative contributors from that era of the comic and subsequent ones, as detailed here) without a program in place to reward those creators or their designated heirs, that people might consider making a donation to the charity that takes care of creators with emergency funds as they age or experience difficulty.

While $5000 is by any measure a drop in the Avengers bucket -- it is not even what one frame of the film has made, according to the latest box office totals and my admittedly lousy math -- I don't think anyone should have expected significant penetration on this request. This is actually about what I thought it would generate when the request was made. The vast majority of people seeing this film have no comprehension of or interest in the plight of comics professionals, but there are a few people that do have that interest and wanted to see the film and I thought they could be convinced this was a good thing to do. I'm happy that this money was donated because it's a real result, and shouldn't be measured against a more just but imaginary one as much as we might continue to fight for the latter. It would be nice in the same modest way if someone related to Marvel or the film (or DC; stop and think about that one for a second) were to hear about this and match the donation, but I'm not holding my breath for that, either.

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