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September 12, 2011

Romenesko: Chicago Tribune Pulls Sarah Palin-Related Doonesburys


According to media watchdog Jim Romenesko, the Chicago Tribune has pulled this week's worth of Doonesbury cartoons from its pages. The paper notes in a separate news story that the strips, which include excerpts from Joe McGinniss' forthcoming Sarah Palin biography, does not meet their standards of fairness. Apparently, the book won't be released until September 20 and therefore can't be reviewed by the Tribune for accuracy. It's sort of hard for me to believe that a big paper like that can't get a hold of a politically relevant book like that, or that there would be a significant screening process were it to be made available, but that's their story. (Actually, since typing that sentence, I learn only three advance copies were sent out.)

The decidedly non-political Thatababy is being run in its place.
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