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June 1, 2005

John Albano, RIP


The mainstream comics writer John Albano recently passed away, according to Mark Evanier. Albano is probably best known for co-creating Jonah Hex. Hex was one of the last successful mainstream company cowboy character properties, debuting for DC Comics in 1972. With one story detailing his death and the disposal of his corpse and one entire odd series set in the future, Hex has enjoyed a colorful history under various writers. I believe Albano was also the writer who followed Jack Kirby on DC's Jimmy Olsen with the first long run after Kirby's groundbreaking Fourth World-related tint, and I think he may have been the original writer on Angel and the Ape as well. Albano worked on any number of adventure-suspense titles at DC, most heavily in the 1970s. He also served a stint at the ill-fated Atlas-Seaboard line and enjoyed a longer, more fruitful run with Archie.

In similar news: The death of Neil Sharkey, a cartoonist in the Army during World War II, still baffles some in Montana. Writer Doug Miers is remembered fondly here.
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