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January 27, 2005

John Klamik, 1935-2005

imageThe cartoonist John Klamik died on January 5 of this year in Anaheim, California after complications brought on by lung cancer, according to a profile originating in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. His biography says Klamik was the first editorial cartoonist for The Advocate; he worked for a wide variety of gay-oriented publications as both "Sean" and "Shawn." Klamik was an activist for gay rights and a rollercoaster enthusiast. The artist participated in a number of endeavors related to cartooning, from poster design to mural painting.

Organizers of the cartoonist's web site are actively searching for samples of Klamik's art, particularly older material.

Klamik is survived by a companion of 40 years, Jim Newberry.
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