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July 23, 2008

June 2008 DM Sales Estimates

imageThe comics business news and analysis site offers their usual array of lists, estimates and analysis regarding the performance of comic books and graphic novels in the Direct Market of comic and hobby shops, this time for June 2008.

* Overview
* Analysis
* Top 300 Comic Books
* Top 100 Graphic Novels

Another source heard from is John Jackson Miller's Comics Chronicles:

* Comic Book Sales Estimates
* Comics Shop Sales Market Share

The first and most obvious story is a continued decline in this year's serial comic book sales, bolstered by a rise in graphic novel sales for the month. The second and almost as obvious story here is a continuation of last month's surprise in that Marvel's Secret Invasion strengthened its hold on the top event series of the summer slot, placing at #1 while DC's Final Crisis saw a pretty typical issue #1 to issue #2 drop and landed at the third position on the charts. A third story at least to my first impression eyes might be Marvel outstripping DC by placing eight comics to DC's two titles in the top 10 and 18 to six in top 25 titles. When the competition is such that I have completely different style choices for the types of numbers involved, that's probably a story. A fourth story might be that DC's new weekly title Trinity has dropped 12 thousand copies in its first four issues, and looks like it will settle in the 50K region (DC's not-all-that-liked Countdown was in the 70K region at this point last year, further along in its series progression).

There are even potential points of interest that don't have anything to do with Marvel pummeling DC Comics in serial comics sales. One might be found in the fact that there's a 13 thousand unit difference between respective comics in the 25th position and a five thousand unit difference in the 50th position comics between 2008 and 2007, which could indicate some weakness in serial comics' "middle class" of strong but not hit performers. A sixth story might be found in the general strength of multiple Dark Horse books as trades in the Direct Market, and the continuing stellar sales for Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead series in that same arena.

image taken from that month's solid-selling JSA series from DC, just because I felt bad; you know, that character design by Alex Ross is still really creepy-looking

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