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November 8, 2004

Lark to Marvel Leads Slight Early News Weekend at Wizard World in Texas

Nothing much in the way of interest has leaked back from Wizard World's more modest Texas convention offering by early Monday, except perhaps this news that artist Michael Lark has signed a two-year exclusive with Marvel. It's the kind of off-hand move that draws industry speculation as to motive and effect, speculation that is probably more fun than how the truth bears out.

So... If my memory serves, DC is the one that tends to sign up really talented yet medium-level draws like Lark, which may be a sign of shifting strategies at the House of Ideas. It's with the DC title Gotham Central that Lark has done his most recent work of note, and barring an exception for that title his loss will be felt on those books. One might argue that Lark's more classic illustration style is only suited for a few assignments at Marvel, which will lead to speculation (scroll further down in the above link) about where he will be used. Writer Ed Brubaker recently began work at Marvel, so the signing of one of his favorite artists could be viewed as a vote of confidence for Brubaker and will likely lead to the pair working together there.

Or not.
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