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March 10, 2018

Latest Article At Daily Mail Suggests What Looks Like A Basic Structure For Stan Lee Story

Here. That story gives a broader narrative, includes daughter JC's role, and puts a figure on any money in question. That doesn't mean there isn't more to come -- it's suggested that perhaps newer business interests are aligned with Ms. Lee, but we don't that, or if so, whom -- or that any part of it is necessarily true.

Still, this kind of two sides going at one another over the care of a wealthy, older and grieving person does seem like it could be the framework through which we understand things moving forward. You never know what tomorrow brings, though, or what might get resolved one way or the other. With these kinds of accusations, there will be a push forward on many of the facts in question.

I wish all the best for the virtuous involved, and for Mr. Lee.

You can see a lot of Lee Family photos if you look around. I don't have the rights to use any of them, I don't think. But they're easy to find.

One other thing that strikes me as interesting is I'm not convinced an approximation of Stan Lee's net worth gets you to $50 million without a... let's say generous appraisal of non-Marvel deals. I'm really bad with money, though, in life and in opinion-writing.
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