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March 26, 2010

Let’s Hope This Is A Bit Of A Misreading Or There Was Something More To It

I didn't have the financial ability to cover this year's ComicsPRO meeting in Memphis, so I should probably be really careful about parsing the words of those who made it on site. That said, I really hope that Matt Price has it wrong, and there's a bigger takeaway from the DC presentation that an expressed desire to beat Marvel in the DM sales ranking.

imageThere was a time when market-share goals made a lot of sense. That was 15 years ago, when Marvel great attempt at a headless (filmless) media empire had shareholders to impress and DC needed as many performance trump cards as it could muster to block the occasional divisional takeover bids from within the parent company. But at this point, no. Today, both of those companies hold positions of pride withing giant entertainment conglomerates that value them for reasons that have nothing to do with making the big space on a Milton Griepp pie chart.

I would suggest the vital task facing these companies isn't to secure great market share but to grow the market entire. Selling 200,000 copies of the #4 comic book is a far worthier goal than to have the #1 comic book at 87,500. Sustaining or even making thrive comics other than the ones where everyone gets together to fight the super-powered ferret-headed love child of Darkseid and the Beyonder or whatever is a healthier situation creatively for the long haul in comics and exploitation into other media. So I hope there was some of that, too. Sorry I missed it.
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