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August 1, 2005

Levitz: We’re Doing Just Great, Thanks

imageIt may just be the Monday morning blues, but I didn't get much of anything useful out of the yearly lengthy interview with DC executive Paul Levitz. The marketing department reorganization details here are all pretty old hat, although Levitz hints at forthcoming announcements. Mostly there seems to be a lot of "We do that pretty well and will continue to do that pretty well" answers, and a sprinkle here and there of admiration for "the Japanese."

There's not even a whole lot that would cause a more sensitive industry watcher to accidentally crush his mouse due to a surge of anger and hatred. The two things that might come closest are 1) a backhanded critique of the closed nature of comics over the last decade that fails to acknowledge the role that DC Comics played in shaping such a market, although I guess "We had little opportunity to do any outmarketing the last ten years because back in 1994 we took a look at market instability and decided to throw a blanket over it, wrestle it to the floor and lie on top of it for ten years until it stopped spazzing out" would be a little too much to hope for, and 2) a long discussion of current DC periodicals sales that treats the upside of certain sales strategies as happy, surprise successes when what's at risk in terms of downside is long-term, not short-term, performance. It's sort of like being pleased that the first night out with someone who fell off the wagon was fun, when you have little intention to be the one holding their hair back six months from now.

Photo by Whit Spurgeon. Please don't make me defend my crappy metaphors.
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