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March 18, 2011

Library Of Congress Opens Graphic Arts Galleries Today

imageI sort of missed this, by which I mean I totally missed this, but apparently the Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library Of Congress is today opening up two of three planned Graphic Arts Galleries it has for the year 2011. A third will open in September. Opening today are a gallery devoted to the works and life of the great editorial cartoonist Herb Block. That gallery will apparently have a rotating display of 10 original Herblocks; with a 55-year career, finding a new set of cartoons twice a year shouldn't be a problem until maybe the launch party for Spaceship Herblock from Diet Coke Presents Mars Base sometime in late 2842. The second gallery will feature a range of items from the Swann Foundation's collection. (The as-yet unopened gallery will feature work from the Library's own graphics holdings.)

The new Swann Gallery will replace the former gallery of the same name that was located in the James Madison Building and then the Thomas Jefferson Building through 2004. The galleries are free to the public and will be open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM six days a week (excluding Sundays).

that cartoon is about a horrible subject, but it's still pretty damn funny some 150 years later; click through to read
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