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The following is a list I'm making for no good reason of books about comics, with an emphasis on criticism and history.

The list is in alphabetical order by title, and I would welcome any and all additional information about existing entries, any changes that need to be made, and any books that should be added.

50 Klassiker Comics Von Lyonel Feninger bis Art Spiegelman
Andreas Knigge
Gerstenberg Verlag (2004)
ISBN: 380672556X

93 Ans de BD
Jacques Sadoul
Editions Jai Lu (1989)

100 Ans de BD
Béatrice Le Rider, Martin de Halleux, Pascal Pillegand
Editions Atlas (1996)

100 Years of American Newspaper Comics: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Maurice Horn
Gramercy Book (March 1996)
ISBN: 0517124475

The 101 Best Graphic Novels
Stephen Weiner
NBM (June 2001)
Revised Edition NBM (2005)
ISBN: 156163283X (hc)
ISBN: 1561632848 (pb)
ISBN: 1561634433 (hc 2005)
ISBN: 1561634441 (pb 2005)

Accidental Ambassador Gordo: The Comic Strip Art of Gus Arriola
R. C. Harvey, Gus Arriola
University Press of Mississippi (September 2000)
ISBN: 157806161X

Adult Comics, an Introduction
Roger Sabin
Routledge (1993)
ISBN: 0415044189
ISBN: 0415044197 (pb)

Adult Manga: Culture & Power In Contemporary Japanese Society
Sharon Kinsella
Curzon Press (2000)

The Adventurous Decade
Ron Goulart
Arlington House (1975)
ISBN: 087000252X

The Aesthetics of Comics
David Carrier
Pennsylvania State University Press (March 2000)
ISBN: 027101962X (hc)
ISBN: 0271021888 (pb)

Against the Grain: Mad Artist Wally Wood
Bhob Stewart, Bill Pearson, Roger Hill
Twomorrows (July 2003)
ISBN: 1893905284 (hc)
ISBN: 1893905233 (sc)

Alan Moore Spells It Out
Bill Baker
Airwave Publishing (2005)
ISBN-10: 0972480579

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics Volume One
Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows
Avatar Press (June 2003)
ISBN: 1592910122

Al Capp Remembered
Elliott Caplin
Bowling Green University Popular Press (April 1994)
ISBN: 0879726296 (hc)
ISBN: 087972630X (sc)

Alex Raymond: The Power and the Grace
Alberto Becattini, Antonio Vianovi
Glamour International Productions (2002)

Alex Toth
Alex Toth, Manual Auad
Kitchen Sink (September 1995)
ISBN: 0878163719

All in Color for a Dime
Don Thompson, Dick Lupoff
Arlington House (1970)
Ace Books (1970)
Krause Publications (February 1997)
ISBN: 0873414985

All Our Yesterdays
Advent: Publishers, Inc. (1969)
Harry Warner Jr.

Alter Ego: The Comic Book Artist Collection
Roy Thomas
Twomorrows (March 2001)
ISBN: 1893905063

Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature
Charles Hatfield
University Press of Mississippi (July 2005)
ISBN: 1578067197

Al Williamson: His Work
Jim Vadeboncouer
Promethean Enterprise (1971)

The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino
Carmine Infantino, J. David Spurlock
Watson-Guptill (April 2001)
ISBN: 1887591125

American Comic Strip Collections 1884-1939
Denis Gifford
GK Hall (1990)
ISBN: 0816172706

America's Great Comic-Strip Artists
Richard Marschall
Abbeville Press (1989)
ISBN: 0896599175

America's Great Comic-Strip Artists: From the Yellow Kid to Peanuts
Richard Marschall
Abbeville Press (1997)
ISBN: 1556706464 (hc)

Anarchy For The Masses: The Disinformation Guide to Th