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November 21, 2006

Local Cartoonist Profile: Joelle Jones

imageI wanted to note Steve Duin's profile of the Portlant artist Joelle Jones in the Oregonian because when Duin's take is combined with the commentary by Dark Horse Comics' Diana Schutz this has to be the most foreboding depiction of a local artist I've ever seen.
But while leading two discordant lives is a grand Portland tradition, it's something of a doorstop when opportunity knocks. 'That girl needs not to be tending bar. She needs to be drawing all the time,' Schutz said. 'And she's at that point in her life where it could go either way. She has talent... but if you don't develop it, you wind up tending bar. Or having children.'


It's obvious where Duin and Schutz are coming from, and it's true that most artists reach a point where they develop or fade away. It still amused me as a strategy for a profile.
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