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September 17, 2010

Long-Rumored Chester Brown Graphic Memoir Officially Announced By D+Q For Spring 2011: Paying For It


Following months of flashes and brief mentions that Chester Brown was working on a comics memoir about his experiences as a customer for prostitution, Drawn & Quarterly announced today that the book in question will come out in Spring 2011 and will be called Paying For It. Its publisher promising a mix of the personal and the polemical combining the issues explored in 1992's The Playboy with the political awareness suffusing 2003's Louis Riel, Paying For It will be Brown's first major stand-alone graphic novel, published without the benefit of serialization in a comic book series.

The fact that we're getting the announcement now indicates Paying For It will also continue the publisher's tradition of making a big-name arts comics cartoonist work they hold in high regard (What It Is, Wilson) and building their calendar year if not around such a work than with that work being a fundamental component of their overall efforts. Given that much of the media attention that the recent Craigslist Adult Services Section drop received that didn't focus on child exploitation seemed to take the form of examinations of/ruminations on the state of modern sex work, I can't imagine this not garnering significant publicity interest. It should go without saying on this site that Brown is a massively talented and influential cartoonist whose every work but especially the major ones have our full attention.
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