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April 7, 2006

Look Who’s Covering Paris Review

imageThat would be Yoshihiro Tatsumi. I generally try to avoid playing press release bitch here, especially with a paid advertiser, if for no other reason than because people give you the squinteye. However, the latest Drawn and Quarterly e-mail is constructed in a way I found sort of interesting. If nothing else, this should at least give you an idea of how smaller companies can string together a number of events and news of goings-on to support one of their major artists, which can stand in contrast to the kind of "we've got a comic coming out and it's really awesome and people are excited about it we swear" Mad-Lib style, fill in any title, generic chest-beating you get from some industry players.

Anyway, D&Q notes a release date for the second volume in their series of his works, the publication of untranslated work from that volume in the Paris Review in question, Koji Suzuki will do the second volume's introduction, Tatsumi did the Rashomon cover
in that line of "Graphic Classics" from Penguin, and the cartoonist will be appearing at Comic-Con International this summer. Separately none of that may knock anyone over, but put all together it 1) gives you multiple entry points and 2) helps cast the next Tatsumi book as significant and worth noting, which one imagines is key as a series moves past the hook of a first volume.
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