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March 18, 2009

Looking In On David Horsey As Seattle P-I Makes Its On-Line Switch


Although yesterday's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and today's ready-or-not launch of the longtime publication as an on-line only news source are national news, it's worth it from a comics perspective to look in on the part of the site that focuses on longtime P-I and current Hearst employee David Horsey. I don't know if this is how they'll move forward short-term or long, but I like the clarity of this design. In fact, I like it much more than the existing front page.

I'm fairly interested in the, well I'll call it "portal issues" with the on-line P-I because I would imagine there are some conflicting ideas whether or not something like Horsey's offerings should be tethered to the front page in a way that drives traffic there or if you set pages up so that they're strong enough to draw traffic on their own. I don't know anyone that gets to Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish through The Atlantic Monthly front page, for instance, although I know that I access Heather Havrilesky at Salon that way. I'm not even sure how my own reading patterns are indicative of anything. Still, it interests me. I would imagine that building mini-brands under the P-I brand would be even more imperative given that the P-I brand's right now is "we closed."

One great piece of news -- and again I don't know that this has been settled -- is that the P-I's impressive battery of on-line comic strips is still running today. That's been a real go-to resource for a lot of people looking to check out certain strips.

Here's a PDF of the final print edition's front page.
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