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September 7, 2007

Looks Like El Jueves Pair Still Facing Trial As Opposed To Already Being Tried

I could of course still be wrong, but as I indicated earlier this week and tried to double-check with an open question to the readership, everything in English I've seen indicates the trial over a satirical depiction of the Spanish crown prince and his wife is yet to come. I can't find any countervailing mention in the news of this high-profile trial coming off, either, except for a few bloggers. The news this week therefore wasn't that the pair responsible for the cover were fined but that they are facing fines, which is news in that 1) the case totally sucks and triply so for a country without much of a history of such ludicrous cases and 2) earliest reports when the magazines were seized to be destroyed was that jail time might even be possible. I think what it happens is a French comics industry article obtusely enough phrased that it confused on-line translation drove some blogging on the matter.
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